Our Favorite Neutral Granites of 2021

October 1, 2021

For some people, thinking of a granite countertop lends images of deep browns, dark veining, or a golden hue. There are certainly granites that fit that bill if that’s what you’re looking for…


…But lately, we’ve been loving softer, brighter, more neutral granites!


Contrary to popular belief, granite can be an excellent choice for homeowners who want that modern, light-and-airy kitchen look, without the expense and upkeep of marble.


Check out a few of our favorite light, neutral granite slab options to inspire your next kitchen or bathroom renovation!


  1. Viscon White Granite

A beautiful mix of white and light grey with a touch of darker veining here and there, Viscon White is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to create that light-neutral feel, without having to constantly worry about staining or marring bright white counters.


  1. Monalisa White



Similar to Viscon White, Monalisa White contains a lovely blend of gray and white swirls. Slightly lighter than Viscon, Monalisa is a great pick for homeowners who want lots of texture without losing that glossy brightness of white stone.


  1. White Galaxy

Looking for more of a roughhewn, perfectly neutral countertop option? White Galaxy is a lovely granite neutral with a softer, more even texture. Rather than large swirls or dramatic veining, white galaxy offers a subtle, earthy option without losing the impact of light, neutral stone. 


Looking For More Options?

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