5 Simple Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Refresh Your Space On A Budget

September 17, 2021

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. And for many homeowners, it’s also the room most in need of a facelift!


From dated tiles to cramped quarters, breathing new life into your kitchen can sometimes feel like a major undertaking. For homeowners who aren’t quite ready to invest a huge chunk of change into completely redoing their kitchen, it’s easy to feel stuck or dejected about the state of your kitchen.


But there are actually TONS of simple ways to freshen up your kitchen on a budget!


Here, we detail 5 simple, budget-friendly updates homeowners can make on virtually any budget to make their kitchen feel fresh and new.


5 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Ideas


  1. Update Your Hardware & Faucets


Hardware is a small detail that can pack a big punch. Maybe you can’t completely swap out your cabinetry or install a totally new sink at the moment. But swapping out little pieces like drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and faucets can have a surprising impact on the vibe of your kitchen. 


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  1. Brighten Up Your Paint Job


Painting a room can completely change how it feels! Especially if your current kitchen feels dark or dated, adding a coat of fresh, light, bright paint can open up the room and make it feel larger and more modern. 


  1. Add Natural Stone Elements


Got your eye on a granite countertop… but aren’t quite ready for that level of investment? You can still elevate the feel of your kitchen with natural stone elements! For example, granite remnants can make for beautiful trivets, cutting boards, or table tops. Natural stone elements like these work beautifully as functional decor and can make any kitchen feel a little more luxurious.


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  1. Upgrade with textiles.


We don’t typically think about textiles for a kitchen… But little updates like new curtains, a valance, or a small (easily washable) area rug can go a long way! Especially if you aren’t crazy about your flooring, adding a runner can completely change the way your kitchen feels.


  1. Consider a backsplash.


A backsplash isn’t quite as low-budget as some of the other suggestions on this list… But if you’re able to make the investment, adding a natural stone backsplash can be a beautiful way to make your kitchen feel more elegant without breaking the bank!


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