Your Kitchen’s Outdated: The 5 Reasons You Need to Update Now

February 4, 2022


We all know that kitchens are expensive, and not something you should buy on a whim. But if your kitchen is outdated, it’s time to take the plunge. Here are 5 reasons why you need to update your kitchen now!

1. You’ll save money in the long-run

The longer you wait, the more likely it is that an appliance will break down or stop working properly which will lead to costly repairs. Having an outdated kitchen doubles this likelihood of needing costly repair down the line. It’s also more likely that you’ll need to replace your kitchen appliances sooner than later. Either way, it means spending money on something that wasn’t even on your radar.

2. The kitchen is the heart of your home

It’s where you cook, eat and gather with friends and family. A dated kitchen makes your home feel old and tired. Update your kitchen and you’ll be surprised at how much more inviting it becomes. The best way to update the room is by updating its colors, cabinets, countertops, or flooring — anything will help! But remember that every change you make should be subtle and complement the other aspects of your home.

3. A new kitchen can increase your property value

Who doesn’t want to make their home worth more?

A granite countertop is just one of many sound investment for your kitchen. Granite will last years, it’s easy on the eyes, and easy to clean making granite countertops a favorite among homeowners everywhere.

One other thing you should do to increase the value of your home is add new cabinets. Not only will the addition compliment the look of new granite countertops but it can also increase storage space and home value.

4. You’ll be able to cook better with all the modern appliances you need now

A lot has changed in the kitchen since your mom and grandma were cooking up a storm. If you’re still using an oven from the 80s, it’s time for an update.

Today’s kitchens come with all of the appliances you need to cook like a pro. From convection ovens to microwaves that have sensors that can tell you when your food is ready, there’s no need to be stuck in the past. When you’re updating your kitchen, make sure to include granite countertops; Granite slabs can be cut to fit around any custom appliances you might have installed in your kitchen and will last for years.

5. A new kitchen will give you more storage and counter space

Did you know that the average kitchen has a lot less space than most people realize? To add some more room, consider using an island for food prep. A lot of people have to do all their food prep and cooking on the stovetop because they don’t have enough counter space. The typical American family spends about 2 hours per day in the kitchen. Make the most of your time in this important room by increasing the space and storage with granite countertops and new cabinets.

Questions about how to get started with updating your kitchen? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us HERE for more information about how we could help with your home renovation project in WV, VA, MD, or the tri-state area.

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