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Founded in 1987, Caesarstone was the pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market. Its dominant position has been achieved through continuous investment and innovation, extensive research and development, highly trained personnel and an advanced market infrastructure. For more than a decade, Caesarstone has set new standards in innovation and craftsmanship and continues to set the trends in the industry.

World-renowned designers and architects choose to partner with Caesarstone to set new design trends. While our collaborations have garnered many design awards, they have a much more important function for us. Design collaborations push us to push boundaries. We seek to innovate. Our ambition is to consistently set new standards for your interiors – to pioneer new styles, new collections and new textures that give our customers the latest, most cutting edge designs.

Caesarstone surfaces require minimal maintenance to keep them looking like new. Just gentle cleaning with soap & water or a mild detergent ensures ease of care for long-lasting luster. There’s no need to wax or seal. The wide variety of colors, styles, designs and textures of Caesarstone products, along with Caesarstone's inherent characteristics such as hardness, non-porous, scratch and stain resistance and durability, provide consumers with excellent surfaces for their internal spaces which are highly competitive to granite, manufactured solid surfaces and laminate, as well as to other engineered quartz surfaces.

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